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Drop-in information 

Why not drop-in
You’ll Be Glad You Did

Due to COVID-19 the drop-ins are currently closed

Every person has the chance to make a change for good, we run our drop-in services every: 

  • Wednesday 12pm-3pm

Anyone and everyone is welcomed, at our drop-in centers we provide a friendly and safe atmosphere to provide social inclusion for vulnerable individuals struggling with low mood, people who attend the drop-ins are encouraged to have open discussions, whether it be about the weather, how your days been or about whats getting you down. We have no judgement here and provide tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit  for everyone to enjoy. 

Although we do appreciate a small donation of £2 to go towards the refreshments and keeping the service going, here you can also access private one-to-one counselling.

Every person who attending the drop-in is treated with respect and is given time to talk should they wish to do so, if your not much for talking or don't feel comfortable then you are more than welcome to sit and listen, there is no pressure to join in if you do not wish to.

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